Elise Hua 花逸芯

Elise Hua (Yi-Hsin Hua), composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and former engineer specializing in digital signal processing (DSP) for an audio brand. 

She has been engaged in fields of acoustics and audio signal processing since university and earned a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and another in music informatics. Her interests and research fields embrace audio signal processing and algorithm development, 3-D sound field synthesis, heavy metal music, and electronic/experimental music. 

In 2021, she left the position as an engineer and became an artist residing in Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-Lab), dedicated to creative works on psychoacoustics and auditory illusions. After the artist-in-residence program, she currently works as an independent musician. 



2021年,離開工程師的職位,進駐當代文化實驗場(Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, C-Lab),致力於聽覺錯覺和心理聲學相關的研究和創作。 在完成進駐計劃後,現以獨立音樂人的身份工作。

Elise Hua 花逸芯 Yi-Hsin Hua