Sound Fusion in Confusion

Supported by Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab

C-LAB CREATORS Creation/Research Support Program 2021

本計畫獲空總臺灣當代文化實驗場 C-LAB 支持。 

CREATORS 創作/研發支持計畫

This project explores auditory illusion and its application in musical composition. Beyond the research and composing, it reflects on why humans experience auditory illusion and asks whether human auditory perception is as sensitive as we believe. If today’s technology requires increasingly high definition and quality of sound, can our perception catch up with the speed of this evolution? This project also considers the relationship between art and technology.


找尋自身的創作方法――花逸芯創研計畫「聲迷耳眩」 | CLABO實驗波CLABO實驗波