From the recording Heartbeat

The idea of this album appeared in October 2020. It was a hard time for me to stand the noise in Taipei, and I found that I couldn't hear the sound of my heartbeat.

[Note: This paragraph is not a responsible translation to English. It is written only based on my comprehension.]
According to Byung-Chul Han's interpretation of Heidegger's "truth" (Wahrheit *Aletheia), truth likes to hide itself (Sichverbergen), and people cannot easily find the truth. .... The negativity of "concealment" (Verborgenheit) belongs to truth and becomes its "heart" (Herz). Such negativity is essentially a part of truth. ... Information, on the other hand, lacks inner space. It allows itself to hide within the innerness (Innerlichkeit), and has no beating heart inside it. … Information is cumulative and additive, while truth is exclusive and selective. Truth, contrary to information, does not gather in piles, so people seldom encounter truth.
– Byung-Chul Han, Im Schwarm: Ansichten des Digitalen, 2013.

Heartbeat to me is truth, and truth is the truth. Truth doesn't accumulate. Only the useless information stacks up, and the stack is just a pile of garbage burying the truth. This track protests against society from the perspective of an introvert. Many people do not understand the value of silence. Silence helps me think.

製作這張專輯的想法誕生於 2020 年 10 月,長期受不了台北的吵雜,我發現聽不見自己心跳的聲音了。

根據韓炳哲對海德格對於「真理」的詮釋,真理喜愛隱藏自身,人們無法輕易尋得真理。······「隱藏」的否定性棲居於真理當中,成為它的「心臟」(Herz)。此種否定性在本質上乃真理的一部分。······ 資訊則與此相反,它缺乏內部空間,亦即允許它將自己隱藏於其中的內部性(Innerlichkeit),資訊的內部並無跳動的心臟。······ 資訊具有累積性和添加性,真理則具排他性和選擇性。真理與資訊相反,不會聚集成堆,所以人們不常遇見真理。
— 本段摘錄自韓炳哲「數位狂潮下的群眾危機」(Im Schwarm: Ansichten des Digitalen),p.50, 51。