1. Attack

From the recording Heartbeat

I hate this track because it's embarrassing and I felt uncomfortable when writing it. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable thinking of some past moments. When my heart hurts, it feels stuffed like being blocked and entangled. I don't know how to name this track. The name "Attack" reflects the last track "Release", both are terms used on synthesizers to describe an envelope. It happens to be connected to the album theme and becomes "Heart Attack". Thinking of embarrassing moments almost gives me a heart attack. My heart is broken like glass.

我很討厭這首,因為它很尷尬,也是創作最不順的一首。總是有些往事想起來就心裡不舒服,心痛的時候,心臟會感覺很悶,有一種梗住、糾結的感覺。我不知道要給這首取什麼名字,呼應最後一首 Release,那就叫它 Attack,兩者皆是合成器上用來描述 Envelope 的術語,剛好跟專輯主題心臟 (Heart) 連結起來就變成 Heart Attack 心臟病。有些事一想起來就是會心臟病,玻璃心啦。