1. Fetus

From the recording Heartbeat

The theme extends from heartbeat to explore life and death. The heart is coincidentally the organ that symbolizes life.

The theme of this whole album is very introverted. Imaging yourself as a fetus, can you hear the outside world from the mother's belly? Theoretically, the hearing ability of a fetus has not fully developed, and there should be nothing heard while surrounded by liquid and the mother's organs and skin. Maybe there are some muffled noises like hiding underwater listening to the outside world.

There is a background noise like the sound of water throughout this whole track. In addition to creating an underwater atmosphere, on the other hand, the idea comes from the impression of accompanying my mother to the obstetric examination when I was a child. The sound I heard during the examination of the fetus was very similar to the sound of breathing, but the fetus should not be able to breathe. I don't know what that sound was. I have never been pregnant and I have no idea. Don't ask me. Anyway it is only based on that impression in 1996.

If reincarnation does exist, I always have an image in my mind: there is an ocean, and the sun sets in the distance and then sinks into the water.
We make a coffin for the deceased, as if building a boat for him, so that he can float to the west towards the sunset. If he follows the sunset, will he return to life with the sun from the east the next morning?

Near the end of this track, the low-pass filter of the guitar is slowly pushed away. The sound becomes clear, and there is a "brushing~" effect, which sounds much like coming out of water that symbolizes birth. This track ends with a blowing sound.

I heard the Norwegian black metal musician, Varg Vikernes, said that the birthday cake symbolizes the placenta. The candle on the cake, traditionally in a red spiral shape, symbolizes the umbilical cord. When a baby is born, it is necessary to make it cry, because the first breath represents the birth of a new life. That is why the candle has to be blown out on birthdays. When the candle is blown out, it means cutting the umbilical cord. You are reborn.

However, many film and television works use a blown-out candle to represent death. So, is it birth or death at the end of this track? I do not know either.






我聽挪威黑金屬音樂人 Varg Vikernes 說的,生日蛋糕象徵胎盤,蛋糕上的蠟燭,正統是一根紅色螺旋狀的那種,象徵臍帶。嬰兒出生時都要讓他哭,因為那第一口呼吸,代表新生命的誕生,所以生日時要吹蠟燭,蠟燭吹熄的同時也代表剪斷臍帶,恭喜你又重生了。



Build you a boat, a coffin
Float to the edge of the sea, far away
Follow the sunset to the west
Tomorrow you reborn again